Harnessing impact investing to advance human wellbeing in Africa. From the desk of Adriaan Grobler:

By Sascha Lamy / 21st Jul 2021 /

“We can transform our anxiety into passion. Fear can become hope. The moment demands deep and unwavering commitment to transforming it all. The economy. The planet. The way we treat, see, and live with one another.” – Jessy Tolkan In his book Impact: Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change, Sir Ronald Cohen reminds us of…

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The what, why and how of mechanical engineering

By Sascha Lamy / 14th Jul 2021 /

Did you know that mechanical engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines? Or that aerospace engineering is one of its many branches? Or even that cruise control was invented by a blind mechanical engineer named Ralph Teetor? Mechanical engineering is a fascinating discipline with a multitude of real-world applications, but before we get ahead…

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Modern marvels of structural engineering

By Sascha Lamy / 9th Jul 2021 /

Why do we feel confident taking lifts to the tops of tall buildings or driving through kilometres-long tunnels? Because structural engineers have made it safe for us to do so. These highly skilled professionals take architectural designs and ambitions and make them structurally possible. As the Institution of Structural Engineers explains, they “design the strength…

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Finding purpose through Lithon Staff Development Programme

By Sascha Lamy / 30th Jun 2021 /

Lithon Project Consultants CEO, Gert Maritz, is incredibly excited about the expanding possibilities at the Namibian-based engineering consulting firm. Along with his raft of new responsibilities, he is deeply committed to overseeing and advancing the staff development plan he designed during his tenure as COO. Formally implemented over two years ago, the programme is based…

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Meet Fred Mudge

By Sascha Lamy / 24th Jun 2021 /

2021 has been a big year for structural engineer Fred Mudge. Not only does it mark his fourth year as a member of the Lithon team, he’s also just married his university sweetheart. We chatted to him on his first day back from honeymoon in Zanzibar to find out more about career highlights, what motivates…

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Meet Magretha Vlok, COO of Lithon Holdings

By Sascha Lamy / 17th Jun 2021 /

Magretha Vlok isn’t most people’s idea of a typical engineer. Colourful and confident, with a sense of style to match – she firmly believes that “beige isn’t a colour” and has been known on occasion to team tartan with African and animal prints. This newly appointed COO of Lithon Holdings brings energy, experience and a…

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Project Management at Lithon Project Consultants

By Sascha Lamy / 10th Jun 2021 /

At Lithon, we’ve recognised the pivotal role project management plays in delivering well-executed and cost-effective projects. As part of our long-term strategic plan for the business, we established a dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) in early 2020, headed up by our COO, Scott Richards. Our goal? To not only develop an effective project management culture…

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9 fascinating facts about mining

By Sascha Lamy / 20th May 2021 /

Mining may not be something most of us think about, but this multi-billion dollar industry plays a fundamental role in our everyday lives – there are over 15 different mined minerals in the average car, for example, and it requires as many as 35 mined minerals to produce a television. Now that we’ve got you…

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Lithon Foundation: Helping to tackle HIV/AIDS in Namibia

By Sascha Lamy / 6th May 2021 /

According to 2019 UNAIDS estimates, there are between 190,000 and 220,000 adults and children in Namibia living with HIV. As part of its outreach programme, and its ongoing commitment to uplifting the children of Namibia, the Lithon Foundation has teamed with two incredible organisations supporting AIDS orphans in the country.   “Little by little, bit by…

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Strategic Executive Changes at Lithon

By Sascha Lamy / 4th May 2021 /

For nearly 20 years, Lithon has been led by a dynamic team committed to making a positive and significant impact in people’s lives. In 2016 we developed a strategic plan for our next 30 years, and, as a result, we’re delighted to share some exciting changes to our executive team. Our vision is to grow…

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