Engineering unearthed: The minds behind the mine

When it comes to mining, there’s a lot more to it than finding resources and getting them out of the ground. In fact, the amount of research, planning, logistics and infrastructure begins way before any dirt is even turned. That’s where we come in. Not as miners, but as the people behind the operations, smoothing the way for a successful mining operation. 


Namibia’s New-found Resource

The recent discovery of oil and gas just off the coast is great news for Namibia. The goal to start oil production by 2030 marks a big moment for the country to move from just exploring to actually producing oil. This exciting turn of events brings a major need for solid infrastructure to handle such a significant project.


Diving into Offshore Oil Extraction

Tapping into oil beneath the ocean is a whole different kettle of fish compared to traditional land mining. Namibia is considering a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) platform for shipping out its crude oil, which brings its own set of engineering challenges. Navigating the unpredictable and often rough coastal conditions is just the tip of the iceberg.


Lithon’s Role: From Plan to Action

We love all mining projects because it means ‘all hands on deck’.  Whether working offshore or on land, we tap into expertise from our strategic partnerships and each of our departments, working together to tailor solutions to each mine and its needs. From the drawing board to reality, we plan everything and manage it from the ground up, including the roads and infrastructure around the mines.


Laying the Groundwork with Bankable Feasibility Studies

Our first step is to undertake in-depth Bankable Feasibility Studies. From geotechnical investigations, data collection and sketching out infrastructure designs to crunching numbers and assessing risks, we leave no stone unturned. This step is critical to making sure that each project is completely feasible, both technically and financially.


Keeping projects on track

But it’s not all planning and paperwork. Our expertise also lies in making sure that every project is skilfully managed from start to finish. Whether it’s navigating through the logistical complexities of service provision and product transportation or constructing essential infrastructure, such as housing, access roads, water supply, power systems and more, our collaborative multidisciplinary team ensures that every aspect of the mining operation is accounted for.


Our track record: Making big moves

We’ve been at the forefront of Namibia’s development, leading significant mining and infrastructure projects for years.

Lithon has been involved with Bankable Feasibility Studies for providing access to the Husab Mine near Swakopmund. This has led to the design and oversight of the construction of a new surfaced road to provide much-needed access to unlock the potential of the mine. We were also part of the team conducting a Bankable Feasibility Study for the Dordabis Iron Ore Project, laying the groundwork for an open-pit mining operation aimed at producing high-grade iron ore concentrates.

Whether it’s digging into detailed reports or overseeing big engineering projects, we’re passionate about providing solutions that drive progress and contribute to Namibia’s growth.


Looking Ahead

As Namibia steps up to make the most of its oil and gas reserves, we’re right behind it. With a blend of exceptional engineering and meticulous planning skills, we can help pave the way for a bright energy future that benefits our partners, local communities and the economy alike. Planning a project in Namibia? Partner with us, and let’s take your mining operation to the next level. Contact us at