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Africa has vast potential. And at Lithon, we’re dedicated to being the Venture Engineers that help this diverse continent realise this potential. How? By creating life-changing opportunities in the built environment and agro-industrial sectors. Opportunities that create value for investors and operators. That stimulate and expand economies. That regenerate ecosystems and social capital and promote food security and economic opportunity for all.

As a multidisciplinary engineering and venture development company based in Namibia, we want to be part of reimagining this beautiful country – its cities, infrastructure and communities – and with it, the rest of Africa. We believe that success starts with collaboration. Between those with resources, those with the means to finance innovation, and those with the expertise to co-create a better tomorrow.

Why can you trust us to deliver?

  • Because we’re driven by conviction and courage, and entrepreneurial innovation that’s not limited by boundaries or borders.

  • Because our word has been tested and carries weight at the highest levels of government and the private sector.

  • And because the vision that drives our actions – to make a significant and positive impact in the lives of people throughout Africa – is unwavering.

We’ve spent over two decades working on the ground in collaboration with communities, landowners, financiers, and government – on projects that have sharpened our strategic and technical skills and led to diverse commercial, entrepreneurial and development capabilities.

And we have extensive knowledge and understanding of every facet of the Namibian landscape – from environmental and geographical to social and political.

Together with our skill at connecting the right people and successfully managing and negotiating complexity, we’re perfectly positioned to co-create ventures with the potential to shape Africa’s future.

Venture Engineering Projects

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