Meet Stephan Calitz, Civil Engineer-in-Training

From building his own fishing kayak to working on large scale civil engineering projects, this young civil engineer-in-training has a drive to make things happen, and achieve his goals. He’s passionate about technology and how it can help engineers deliver their work faster and better, but he also loves a good hike in nature. He even likes to shower in cold water! 🥶 And, now let’s find out more about Lithon’s Stephan Calitz…

1. What inspired you to become a civil engineer? 

I’ve always loved to build things and I love the satisfaction I get after something I’ve built is completed. I’ve undertaken many small projects in my spare time such as building my own fishing kayak.

2. When and why did you join Lithon? 

I joined Lithon in 2022, just after completing my studies. The company culture was attractive. I liked to see that Lithon has a deeper purpose and is not only driven by making money.

3. What does a typical day in your role as civil engineer-in-training look like?

In the morning I send emails to clients and arrange meetings. I then sit with my seniors on technical matters that I am uncertain of. After this, I do designs and drawings using the latest engineering software such as AutoCAD and Civil 3D. If there are site meetings, I attend those.

4. What do you love most about your job?

I love seeing the final product after it’s built!

5. What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned during your time at Lithon?

That age doesn’t matter.

6. How do you think engineering can contribute to building a better future for all?

We are the thinkers of tomorrow’s infrastructure. We ensure that people have the basic needs to live (water, housing, food), and we help them to live more comfortably by building user-friendly and safe roads, buildings, and so much more!

7. Why do you think digital transformation and BIM are so important?

Technology enables us to perform our tasks faster and deliver a better product to our clients. BIM is one of the latest tools/processes that helps us to do this.

8. Do you have any favourite projects at Lithon? Why are they favourites?

The snail farm project is my favourite. I spent more than 500 hours on this project and I was involved in all project phases. I like this project because it’s something unique and different compared to the usual civil engineering projects. 

9. Who has been your greatest inspiration (both in your personal life or your career)?

My father. He has set an example for me in his career and personal life, and always encourages me to perform in all aspects of life.

10. What is a personal goal you’d like to achieve this year?

I’d like to write 50 pages of my engineering report for registering as a professional engineer.

11. What do you get up to while you’re not working?

Hiking, camping, fishing, running and cycling, and everything outdoors!

12. What is something most people don’t know about you?

I take cold showers.