Driving Namibia’s Green Hydrogen Revolution with Set-son

Electrical engineer, Set-son Shifidi, has always been passionate about energy and its transformative impact on communities. With over two decades of experience under his belt, he’s brought many energy projects to life! Today, he lends his expertise to a range of highly technical projects, while motivating and inspiring his team members at Lithon. He enjoys taking the time to enlighten clients and enthusiasts about renewable energy and how to make the most of new green technologies.

We caught up with Set-son, to hear his thoughts on green hydrogen and why Namibia is poised to be at the forefront of this exciting new technology.


What is Green Hydrogen?

Green hydrogen refers to hydrogen gas produced mainly through electrolysis – a chemical process which uses renewable energy sources like wind or solar power to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Unlike conventional hydrogen production that relies on fossil fuels, green hydrogen is generated using clean, renewable energy. 


What can Green Hydrogen Offer the World?

The benefits of green hydrogen are vast and offer promising solutions to global challenges:


  • Environmental Sustainability

Green hydrogen is an environmentally sustainable and low-carbon alternative to conventional types of energy sources such as coal, oil and gas. By replacing fossil fuel-based energy sources with green hydrogen, we can combat climate change by reducing our reliance on resources that create pollution.


  • Power Generation

Although still relatively expensive, green hydrogen can be used to generate power through hydrogen fuel cells. These fuel cells efficiently convert hydrogen into electricity and can be used for a wide range of applications, such as providing clean and reliable power for homes, businesses and even vehicles. It’s just a matter of time before the cost of green hydrogen reaches competitive prices. 


  • Energy Storage

A key advantage of green hydrogen is that it’s easy to store, which means it can help to maintain a reliable and consistent energy supply. This provides the ability to transport green energy from one point to another through pipelines, trucks, railway, or ships. Hence the importance for mechanical and transport engineers as well, in this packed energy value chain! 

Electricity generated from intermittent renewable sources like wind and solar power can be converted into hydrogen, and later converted back to electricity when needed. This is a game changer for renewable energy!


  • Decarbonising Transport

Imagine driving a car powered by green hydrogen! Green hydrogen fuel cells offer a clean alternative to conventional internal combustion engines. Up until now, the challenge with electric vehicles is that they have short driving ranges, and it can take hours for them to recharge. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, on the other hand, overcome these problems. 


  • Industrial Applications

Hydrogen is a vital component in various industrial processes, including manufacturing, refining, and chemical production. Green hydrogen can replace hydrogen derived from fossil fuels, reducing carbon emissions and transforming these industries to become more sustainable.


Namibia’s Potential in the Green Hydrogen Revolution

Namibia possesses unique advantages that position it as a promising player in the green hydrogen sector. Its abundance of renewable energy resources, including extensive areas of untapped solar and wind potential, offers ideal conditions for green hydrogen production. The country’s strategic geographical location and political stability offer a supportive environment for investment in the production of green hydrogen, especially for export.


Embrace the Future of Green Hydrogen

As the world embraces the potential of green hydrogen, Namibia stands at the forefront of an exciting revolution. You can be a part of making that happen. 


With its team of skilled professionals led by Set-son, Lithon is set to contribute to Namibia’s green hydrogen journey. Our expertise in renewable energy, engineering consulting, and project advisory services, perfectly places us to support the development and production of green hydrogen and its derivatives. 

Please reach out to us at info@lithon.com.