Coffee, Vetkoeks & Networking with Lithon Foundation

What brings a bunch of Namibia’s distinguished business-folk and entrepreneurs together early on a Friday morning? Well, hot coffee and tasty vetkoeks, of course! (What else!? 😉)


We’re talking about our Lithon Breakfasts, organised by Lithon Foundation, which happen on the second Friday of every month at our Windhoek office. We invite local business people to bring their ears and hearts and join us for some networking over a light breakfast. Here they are presented with some social impact organisations and individuals that are doing inspiring work in the community, followed by an opportunity to connect directly with the organisations and offer their support in whatever shape or form they have capacity for. 


If you’re wondering whether attending one of these breakfasts is for you, you might be interested in knowing the story behind the breakfasts and how it all began…


A Brief History of How Lithon Foundation Began


Lithon Foundation began over 20 years ago with the primary focus of bringing love and hope to local people and communities in need of assistance. At the start, support was mainly financial, but over time, and through experience in working with more social impact organisations, we began to understand their real needs. We learned that giving can sometimes be harmful if you jump in and try to rescue without building a long-term sustainable relationship with the receiver. This led to forming some core pillars which are helping to make giving a more vetted and trustworthy process for both givers and receivers.


The Pillars of Lithon Foundation


1. We connect existing organisations


At Lithon Foundation we work with social impact organisations that are already active in their communities, and have a proven track record of making an impact. We create platforms for these organisations to share what they do. We connect them with training and mentorship opportunities, and also to each other so that they can collaborate. 


2. We teach people how to give wisely


We train, guide and advise businesses and individuals who want to give, how to do so wisely, for the greatest benefit, and of course, impact, for all. 


3. We create networking opportunities


Our Lithon Breakfasts are the core ‘project’ of Lithon Foundation, and they act like a connecting bridge between businesses and individuals who have financial and social support to give, and those who need funding to continue with their good work. We never tire of bringing people together, listening to their stories, and seeing new partnerships flourish!


4. We help to create and mobilise funds


The first three pillars require very little money to be spent – they are all about connection.  Only once connections have been established, do we focus on creating and mobilising funds, and also other types of support (be it skills or resources). Sometimes we receive funding from organisations, which we help to allocate to various organisations in need. 


Join Us!

If you’d like to join us for the next Lithon Breakfast, they are held on the second Friday of every month at the Lithon offices in Windhoek. Get in touch with to book your spot!