What did 2022 mean for engineering in Africa? 

We often look to our international friends for inspiration but did you know that there are plenty of impressive engineering innovations coming out of Africa? 

Developing countries tend to have very different needs and problems to solve compared to their first world counterparts. With often high levels of poverty and inequality, Africa needs solutions that help to create employment opportunities, are resource efficient, and help people who may not have access to basic needs and comforts to live better and healthier lives. 

We had a chat with our CEO, Gert Maritz, and took a deep dive into some of the cool things that engineering has been doing for Africa in 2022. 

Green Hydrogen Power

Exciting progress was made all around the world in the green hydrogen space in 2022, and Namibia was no exception! Hydrogen has the potential to be a much cleaner and safer way to generate electricity than carbon-intensive fossil fuels. It is classified as ‘green’ when it is made with renewable power. This green hydrogen power plant in Namibia, which is expected to start producing its first electricity by 2024, will be Africa’s first! 

Medical Innovations

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. This is often the case in medical situations in Africa. Engineering has the potential to solve real problems using technology. 

Sometimes the inventors are also mothers desperate to save their children’s lives. This inspiring Nigerian woman was shortlisted for the Royal Academy of Engineering’s 2022 Africa prize for her invention of a sun-powered portable phototherapy unit (for new-born babies with jaundice). Another shortlist contender from Kenya, invented a mobile, solar-powered freezer box which safely stores and delivers temperature-sensitive vaccines to rural and impoverished communities that lack the required infrastructure. There are many more examples just like this.

Venture Engineering Opportunities 

In 2022, Lithon launched its Venture Engineering division to identify and create new business and development opportunities in Africa. In essence, venture engineering is about identifying a need in the market, engineering a solution, and bringing all the elements together to make it happen – while creating an excellent opportunity for investors in the process. Our favourite (and by far most unusual) venture engineering project of the year is the planning and construction of a snail farm in Swakopmund! Lithon is proud to have been involved with the project from concept stage all the way through to commissioning.

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