What is venture engineering anyway?

The Lithon Group has recently launched a Venture Engineering division to identify and create new business and development opportunities in Africa. Wondering what venture engineering is all about? And why a consulting engineering firm is initiating its own projects and developments? We answer these questions and more right here.

What is venture engineering? 

The short answer is that venture engineering is about identifying a need in the market, developing a solution, and bringing all the necessary elements together to make it happen – and creating an excellent opportunity for investors in the process. Lithon is currently involved in several new ventures, including a mixed-use urban eco-village with the potential for thousands of homes as well as various value chain, industry, and agriculture development initiatives.

Why has Lithon created this division? 

There are huge needs and huge opportunities in Africa, from housing and employment to infrastructure. Lithon has a vision to change people’s lives for the better, and one of the ways to do this is through venture creation. The business is excited to create innovative solutions for some of the continent’s pressing problems; solutions that are also highly attractive to investors wanting to put money into initiatives that are likely to succeed and give them a good return on investment. Lithon’s ultimate goal? For these ventures to give people the chance to have dignified work, earn a decent income, increase their access to opportunities, and achieve their potential.

Why is Lithon perfectly placed to do this?

Lithon has a strong sense of purpose and a heart for Africa, and it’s willing to take on the risk and responsibility of initiating developments and ventures on the continent – and see them to completion. With a highly credible track record spanning two decades, the business has the skills, knowledge, experience, relationships, people, and entrepreneurial spirit needed to bring these life-changing ventures to life.

Which industries is Lithon focusing on?

Lithon will be conceptualising and initiating development projects and new businesses in two important areas: the built environment (man-made structures and spaces) and agriculture. In practice, this could mean creating a large-scale development like an urban eco-village or initiating a farming venture to add value to a locally produced product before it’s distributed or exported.

What does the future hold for the division?

The Venture Engineering division will be focusing on Southern Africa for the next five years and plans to be operational throughout the continent within ten years. And while its vision of becoming the trusted development partner in Africa for major financial institutions is bold, there’s every reason to believe it will achieve it.

Are you an investor or innovator looking for a partner you can trust?

For more information on investment opportunities and Lithon’s Venture Engineering division, please get in touch with us on info@lithon.com.