8 Sustainable Transport Trends

In a world that’s always on the move, it’s important to pause and reflect on the environmental impact of our chosen mode of travel. While change may happen slowly, it’s the progress towards it that counts. 

Changing our mode of transport might be a big weight for the average citizen to carry, but rest assured that scholars, engineers and innovators are constantly coming up with new and better ways to help the world adopt habits that are better for our planet and take transport into the sustainable future we hope for. All while streamlining our commutes and making our journeys smoother and safer.


From planes to pavements, here’s a quick overview of how the transport industry is steering us towards a more sustainable future.


1. Electric Performance

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the new cool kids on the block. They’re whisper-quiet and they emit less carbon than their fossil-fuel cousins. If EVs are powered by renewable energy, they form a great green alternative to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. With more charging stations popping up all over the world, EVs are no longer only for brave pioneers.



2. Care to Share? 

Ride-sharing platforms are cutting down on traffic congestion and promoting sustainability by reducing the number of single-occupant cars on the roads. They also make it possible for people who don’t own cars to get around cheaply and easily. Carpooling with others means you’re not only splitting the fare, but also sharing the carbon emissions. Better still, share a ride in an EV or a hybrid EV/ICE car. There are even long-distance ride-sharing platforms in some countries, which work like Airbnb but for cars.



3. On Track with Trains

Zooming along at high speeds, trains are the eco-warriors of the tracks. Trains emit fewer greenhouse gases per passenger mile than cars or planes. This makes them the sustainable superheroes of long-distance travel. Even better, electrifying trains with renewable energy, or even green hydrogen, means trains can become an even more eco-friendly form of travel in future.



4. Back to Biking

Here’s a golden oldie that requires no innovation. Just a few more bicycle lanes, perhaps. As long as they’ve been, bicycles have recently become a symbol of sustainable transport. No fuel, no emissions, just a good old-fashioned leg workout while getting from A to B. Bonus points for avoiding parking hassles!



5. Fuelling Change with Biofuels

For those not ready to bid farewell to petrol, fear not! The transport industry has been experimenting with biofuels for a while now. These fuels are made from organic materials like algae, plants, and waste. They have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 



6. High-Tech Traffic Management

Traffic jams will never be completely avoidable. But smart traffic management systems are here to help us navigate them more efficiently. These systems use real-time data to optimise traffic flow. This helps to reduce idling time and congestion, which means lower fuel consumption. Win-win!



7. The Road Less…Paved

Sustainable road design is a key component of a greener transport industry. A few ways to make our roads eco-friendlier and more durable include using recycled materials for road surfaces, enhancing drainage systems, and integrating solar panels into road surfaces.



8. Autonomous Adventures

Self-driving cars are still in their testing phase, but they have the potential to improve routes and reduce traffic jams. It will be like having a responsible robot co-pilot for a smoother and more eco-friendly driving experience!



Explore Greener Transport with Lithon

The transport industry is on a mission to make our journeys not only efficient but also kinder to the planet. There’s a growing awareness that our choices impact not just the roads we travel but the world we share. At Lithon we’re committed to helping you journey towards a cleaner, greener future. Get in touch with our transport engineering team for expert advice on your next project. Email info@lithon.com.