What 2023 Meant for Engineering?

It’s always interesting to reflect on the year that was, to understand some of the key happenings that influence the way we work and the projects we undertake. We spoke with Lithon’s CEO, Gert Maritz, to gain insight into the developments of 2023 that are set to shape the future of engineering. Here’s what he shared.


Artificial Intelligence is Influencing the Way we Work

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the hot topic on everyone’s lips in 2023. Gert says it will continue to change the way we do business and that includes engineering. 

You’re likely aware of the launch of OpenAI’s language model, ChatGPT, in late 2022. It caused quite a stir and set the stage for further tech innovations throughout 2023. This is just one type of AI technology… 


2023 saw the engineering world using AI to help optimise complex systems and processes. Its use significantly reduces the time and resources required for development. For instance, AI is helping aerospace engineers design spacecraft and structural engineers figure out how large structures will hold up under different conditions. This means we can build safer and stronger (and maybe even bigger and better) without all the guesswork.


Gert is pretty excited about how AI is transforming our work, making our designs smarter, solving complex problems easier, and even increasing the efficiency of our day-to-day tasks. 


New Oil and Gas Developments in Namibia 

In 2023, international energy companies Shell and TotalEnergies made oil and gas discoveries off the west coast of Namibia. These findings were a highlight of the 2023 Oil and Gas Conference held in September. At the conference, the public was updated by the relevant stakeholders on how this can advance all industries in Namibia. 


While the first reserves of oil and gas are projected to be extracted only in 2030, these 2023 findings are a big deal for engineering, directly and indirectly. They will stimulate many new engineering ventures plus the economy and development in Namibia as a whole, explains Gert. He expresses cautious optimism, trusting that the Namibian Government will develop policies to guide the nation through the upcoming changes and challenges. On a socio-economic level, these developments will bring much stability to our nation, and Namibia will be a catalyst for change in the rest of Africa.


The Green Hydrogen Power Industry Made Great Strides

On the other side of the energy spectrum, the green hydrogen projects which began in 2022, progressed nicely in 2023, and will only continue to do so. The green hydrogen industry holds so much potential to stimulate economic development in Namibia. Gert notes that the green hydrogen projects, in tandem with oil and gas discoveries, offer vast opportunities for engineers to drive economic growth and innovation. Lithon is poised to contribute significantly to these exciting ventures.


Looking for Future-Fit Engineering Solutions? 

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