What to Expect in 2023 and Beyond

It’s always fun to imagine (and predict) what the future might hold. Lithon’s founder, Adriaan Grobler, has a few thoughts about what the world of engineering might bring us in 2023…


Technology will disrupt

Possibly the biggest catalyst for change across the world – technology – will continue to force us to evolve at a rapid pace. Adriaan has always said that technology will become more and more disruptive in the engineering and built environment sector, and this looks to continue. Looking into 2023, new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, augmented reality, are going to change the way we work, and maybe even who we work with (robots?).


Everything will become faster

As technology assists engineers with their designs, the processes will become faster, more efficient, and therefore cheaper. Same goes with construction. Technologies like 3D-printing are already being used in construction (like this company 3D printing schools and affordable housing in Africa). Advanced materials make it easier to build with less effort (like this mass timber tower in Zanzibar).

It’s probable that advanced forms of transport will also become faster as they become more efficient. Just make sure you keep your safety belt on!


There will be disruption in finance

Disruption in the financial sector through fintech and DeFi (Decentralised Finance) can provide capital to finance projects at scale. Adriaan says he envisions large projects being fast-tracked and scaled like never before! 


Sustainability will be at the forefront

Our fast-changing, technological world will need to keep sustainability front-of-mind. As the world grapples with climate change, there will likely be a lot of development in the green sector of the economy, with new green technologies, materials and processes being developed as a priority. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities!


Technology will be used to solve problems in Africa

Fortunately for us in Africa, advances in technology, disruptive finance, and green innovations, are all tools we can use to address the developmental challenges we experience here. Lithon’s goal is to use our skills as engineers to help solve Africa’s problems, provide social upliftment, employment opportunities, and better access to health, education, food, and housing. Technology can help us do this at scale, and in so doing impact millions of lives!

Need help adapting to future changes? 

Lithon’s comprehensive engineering services can help you either be part of making these new things a reality, or help you adapt to this fast-changing world.

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