Lithon Developers: Big Aspirations in the Making

This month, we’re honoured to be officially launching Lithon Developers. While our property development arm has been running since 2012, new impetus for Lithon Developers has now been created with the appointment of Sam Ekandjo as CEO. With Sam at the helm of Lithon Developers it will take us to new heights. We’re excited to tell you a little more about our story.


Lithon Developers – Our Story

Our story began in 2012 when Lithon’s founder, Adriaan, met Sam. Years later, in 2019, they formed a joint venture to work on the Oshakati Ekuku residential development in northern Namibia. The project was a great success and it planted the seeds for a fruitful business partnership which today we call Lithon Developers. There was no doubt in Adriaan’s mind that Sam was the right man for the Lithon Developers CEO position. Lucky for us, Sam agreed! 🙂

Sam has been in property development for over 10 years and originally started out as a building contractor. As he gained experience by working on residential developments, he realised that he wanted to be the person that comes up with the vision for a development – the person that imagines a better life for those who live and work there. He knew that by being a developer, he would be able to make some of the big-picture decisions and truly fulfil some of his deep passions for making a significant and positive impact on people’s lives. This is the passion he brings to Lithon Developers.


Our Dreams and Aspirations for Lithon Developers

We aspire to be one of the premiere lifestyle development companies in Africa. This means creating high-quality developments that improve residents’ lives, enhance connections to the city, and boost the local economy. Our buildings are not just functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also sustainable and socially responsible. There are so many property developments taking place at any one time, but what sets us apart is that we aim to make people’s lives better and safer through our developments, be kind to the environment, and also have positive ripple effects on local communities. Profit should go beyond our own pockets and filter into those who live and work in our developments. 


Walking-the-Talk at Lithon Developers 

Some principles that guide our developments are:


We live by being honest and truthful in all our dealings. It’s incredibly important to us to live ethically, in and outside of work. Respect is part of this too, and we will always treat everyone we meet with respect, and ensure they feel seen and heard.



We are committed to being kind to the environment and endeavour to reduce our environmental impact by making our developments as sustainable as possible. We use green building techniques, focus on energy and water efficiency, preserve natural habitats, and minimise disruption to the local habitat while we build. 



We’re committed to well-constructed, energy-efficient and lasting creations that our grandchildren would be proud of.  We use only top-quality materials and hire the most skilled workers so that we always meet the highest standards. Our team of experts work hard to ensure that our buildings are visually appealing, soundly built, and cost-effective. We also optimise across the whole supply chain. 


Social Responsibility

We believe that good property development should have a positive impact on residents’ lives and we aim to create safe, healthy, and inclusive communities. We also consider the urban economics of an area to ensure that our developments can enhance and rejuvenate the surrounding community and city as a whole. 


Always Go Above and Beyond

At Lithon Developers, we always strive to go above and beyond the call of duty. This means going the extra mile to ensure that our properties and our relationships are the best they can be. We want our developments to do more than meet people’s needs. They should make their lives better!


What’s next for Lithon Developers?

Lithon Developers already has several residential property development projects in the pipeline and have plans to extend into commercial and industrial development in the future too. Watch this space for future updates! 

In the meantime, if what we envision excites you, and you’d like to tap into Sam’s knowledge and imagination regarding your property development project, please email: