Okalongo Oxidation Ponds

The purpose of the project is to investigate and establish the cause of the high volume of freshwater intrusion to the oxidation ponds and possible other causes for the overflowing of the oxidation ponds in Okalongo. Services provided: The project scope included: Investigate the cause of high volume of freshwater flow into the ponds Establish…

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Sewer Master Plan for the Town of Otjiwarongo

The assessment of the bulk water scheme was conducted in 2016 and a full assessment of assets, operational requirements and maintenance was done.  Surveys and field work provided valuable base data which was used to forecast the demand on the water supply.  The study provided planning data to the employer in order to plan for…

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Ondangwa Water Supply Masterplan

The Ondangwa Town Council expressed the urgent need to upgrade their bulk water supply system to support their infrastructure development initiatives and to sustain future growth of the town. The Town Council further experienced a number of operational and maintenance challenges on the current water supply system and Lithon Project Consultants compiled a Water Master…

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Katwitwi Water Masterplan

Lithon Project Consultants was appointed by Namwater to do a situation assessment of a proposed Bulk Water Supply Scheme in Katwitwi in the north of Namibia. The services provided under this investigation are summarised below: Inception – confirmed the scope of work and any additions, alterations, omissions Field visits – each scheme component was visited…

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Ondangwa Airside Investigation

This was an investigation into the airside pavements only. A detailed investigation into the airside pavements was done. It include a concept long term layout plan and ICAO confirmation. Findings/recommendation include immediate close of a large section of the runway and warning relating to the new terminal being too close to the runway.  

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Noordoewer Aussenkehr

The Feasibility Study for DR212 entail the upgrading of the existing low volume surface road (Noordoewer-Aussenkehr) and upgrading of the gravel road section (Aussenkehr – Rosh Pinah) to bitumen standards. DR212 is a vital link to the economic activities along the Orange River as well as tourist activities within the southern area of Namibia. Services…

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Commuter Railway Feasibility

The railway line from Windhoek to Rehoboth is 97 kilometres long and is situated in the Khomas Region of Namibia. This section of track was completed in 1912 and upgraded to 18.5 ton axle load long welded track between 1970-1975. The project entails a study in the feasibility of upgrading the railway line, with all…

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Calueque Oshakati Water Pipeline Project

Calueque – Oshakati Water Pipeline Project

The Calueque-Oshakati canal originates near the Calueque dam on the Cunene River in Southern Angola and conveys raw-water over a distance of more than 150km to various water treatment plants in the Central North of Namibia. It forms the main artery of water supply to more than 800,000 people in Namibia living in an area…

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Brakwater Area

Brakwater Bulk Services Master Plan

Compilation of a Bulk Services Master Plan for the development of the Breakwater Area to the north of Windhoek. This master plan forms the basis for future infrastructure development of this area.  It is anticipated that when fully developed, the Breakwater Area can house 184 000 inhabitants and 3150 industries. The masterplan included water, storage…

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Lithon Holdings Tsumeb

Master Planning of the Tsumeb Water Distribution System

The Tsumeb Municipality appointed Lithon to compile a water hydraulic computer model and to produce a water master plan report for Tsumeb.  This project provides general information on the attributes and functioning of the water distribution system serving Tsumeb and addresses the following specific issues. Services provided within the assignment: Evaluation of existing system performance;…

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