Lithon Holdings NWSW

CONTRACT VALUE: N$2.63 million
CLIENT: City of Windhoek
COUNTRY: Namibia
LOCATION: Windhoek

Windhoek Water and Sewer Reticulation Master Plan

This study covers three specific areas of Windhoek and the farms Ongos and Monte Christo, which lie to the north of the City. The study makes proposals and do cost estimates of the infrastructure required to supply bulk water and sewer networks to these areas. These areas are:

  • Rocky Crest and the planned expansion of the areas currently developed
  • The area north of Havana, extending northwards to the boundaries of the farm Ongos and the Brakwater area.
  • The farms Ongos and Monte Christo.

The study develops a Master Plan for the provision of bulk water and sewer to the farms of Ongos and Monte Christo. The only water sources available to this area are the same sources that supply the City of Windhoek.

A coordinated plan is therefore required to supply water to the City and the future consumers in the Monte Christo valley in the most effective way. These farms have recently been subdivided and the sub-divided portions have been sold off to private developers. This makes the coordinated supply of services to this area a major challenge since the land does not belong to the City.

The fact that the developable areas of the farms Ongos and Monte Christo are more than 1.4 times the current size of Windhoek emphasizes the need for proper planning and coordination.  The currently developed area of Windhoek is approximately 8 650 ha while the developable land, which excludes areas with a slope greater than 1 in 4 (25%), of Ongos and Monte Christo combined is approximately 12 500 ha.  The satellite North-West and South-West developments need to be connected to the City’s Bulk Infrastructure