Brakwater Area

CONTRACT VALUE: N$ 1.2 billion
CLIENT: City of Windhoek
COUNTRY: Namibia
LOCATION: Windhoek



Brakwater Bulk Services Master Plan

Compilation of a Bulk Services Master Plan for the development of the Breakwater Area to the north of Windhoek.

This master plan forms the basis for future infrastructure development of this area.  It is anticipated that when fully developed, the Breakwater Area can house 184 000 inhabitants and 3150 industries.

The masterplan included water, storage capacity, sewer, electrical supply, wastewater treatment plants, semi-purified effluent distribution networks, roads and storm water.

Description of services provided within the assignment:

  • The project consisted of the following:
  • Assessment of the current situation.
  • Studying of all available drawings and information regarding current and future developments.
  • On-site investigations of the above.
  • Discussions with the City of Windhoek Departments of Planning, Urbanisation & Environment and Transportation.
  • The planning and design of the bulk water infrastructure, bulk waste water infrastructure and bulk semi-purified effluent irrigation infrastructure based on the approved roads master plan for the area.
  • Road alignments not yet approved by the City Council need to be finalized, preliminary designs incorporating horizontal and vertical alignments meeting the design criteria specified by the Transportation department for all roads carried out and cost estimates for construction purposes compiled.
  • Negotiations with the Brakwater Advisory Committee and the Brakwater community/residents to facilitate their involvement and to eventually obtain their support for the master plan.
  • Compilation of Master Plan documents inclusive of drawings and technical data regarding pipe sizes and pressure requirements, reservoir sites, pump requirements, reservoir sizes and levels, waste water treatment plant requirements and estimated costs of construction.
  • Compilation of first order implementation plan or related priorities for each area.