riverport top view

CONTRACT VALUE: N 90,000,000.00
CLIENT: Oryx Properties
COUNTRY: Namibia
LOCATION: Windhoek

Riverport Residential Estate Complex

The Riverport Development is a newly constructed mixed-use (residential and commercial units) for FaanberghWinckler Projects. This development comprises of 82 residential flats with a total floor area of 5845 square metres. The commercial units are located on ground floor, and totals to a floor space of 661 square metres. For this development, a total of 130 basement parking bays were incorporated into the design. Civil, Structural, Electrical design, details and supervision inspections.

Mechanical, Civil, Structural, Electrical Engineering services, details and supervision inspections. Electrical Supply to the three story living complex, internal wiring, lighting and plugs as well as air-conditioning and ventilation.  LPC was responsible for all M&E design, tendering and contract supervision on the project.