Industrial Engineering

Project Management Transportation & Airports CivilEngineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Structural Engineering IndustrialEngineering MiningEngineering Agricultural Engineering Studies  Residential Development Our industrial engineering solutions leverage mathematical and scientific problem-solving skills to address specific problems encountered by enterprises in any industry. From manufacturing and banking to construction and beyond, we help build, develop and optimise businesses to…

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SAGE X3 ERP Systems Implementation and Project Management

Project Management of ERP Implementation Project Services provided by staff within the assignment: Project management of Agra-ERP Systems implementation Manage and coordinate between client and IT Solution Implementer

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Agribank-Business Process Re-Engineering

Re-Engineering Agribank Business Processes. Services provided: • Business process re-engineering for entire Agribank departments • Mapping processes, identify pain-points and gaps • Mapping To-Be and As-Is processes • Reviewing current business systems architecture • Solution engineering

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