OR Tambo

The project entails the investigation, detailed design and supervision of runways at OR Tambo over a period of 5 years. Full-time site supervision and contract administration for quality control and assurance purposes during the course of the construction stage were also the responsibility of the consultant. Lithon was responsible for the detailed investigation and rehabilitation…

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Agribank-Business Process Re-Engineering

Re-Engineering Agribank Business Processes. Services provided: • Business process re-engineering for entire Agribank departments • Mapping processes, identify pain-points and gaps • Mapping To-Be and As-Is processes • Reviewing current business systems architecture • Solution engineering

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RPZC Underground Ore

Engineering and Design of a 2,6km Underground Ore Transportation System (Conveyor). Ximusae plit, sinvell aborum quam, cusam qui beriti officipsum quia que sequiste eossit officipsum et, sequid molore la sam nos elentur sequunt et eum qui

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Lithon Holdings Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Our comprehensive civil engineering services encompass all township and municipal requirements. Using state-of-the-art technology, our expert team develops sustainable and practical solutions to create spaces where people, communities and industries can thrive. Township and municipal services: Transportation and road infrastructure Bulk earthworks and landscaping Site works for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional developments Sports facilities,…

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