8 Types of Engineering Studies You Didn’t Know Existed

The world generally experiences an engineer’s work through visible outcomes like bridges, skyscrapers, and machines. But, behind these structures and devices are detailed research planning and analyses. Various types of preliminary engineering studies help to test the viability of a client’s project idea and to scope out the costs involved. With help from Lithon’s resident…

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New Health Care Risk Waste Treatment Facility for Windhoek

Lithon Holdings Project Management Med Waste

Design, tender procurement, construction supervision and project management for the establishment of site works and infrastructure services for a Health Care Risk Treatment Facility. Planning, design, tendering, construction supervision and project management of all civil, structural, mechanical and electrical work for a modern medical waste treatment complex for the City of Windhoek. Acting as the…

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Temporary Water Supply Pipeline to Husab Mine

Services included developing innovative design solutions, field testing of solutions and full-time construction supervision. Planning, Design, Tendering and Construction Supervision of a 26 km long, DN 250 steel pipeline.  This pipeline was installed above ground and supplied water to a new large-scale mining development in the Namib Desert. The unique circumstances required an intensive design…

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