Projects must adhere to the two criteria:

  1. It must make an impact
  2. Projects must aways be in the engineering built environment, uner one of the following sectors:
    • Infrastructure
    • Urban
    • Health
    • Education
    • Technologies
    • Industries
    • Agriculture

Lithon Impact Capital focusses on creating development projects, either by creating our own ideas, or another person's idea. Once an idea is selected, we take it through the following steps;

  • We perform an opportunity study that will transform the idea into a potential project.
  • Take the potential project through a pre-feasibility phase to confirm that it is a workable project.
  • The next phase is a feasibility phase to create a bankable project.
  • Once financial closure has been achieved, we take the project through an implementational phase, followed by an operational phase.

Lithon Impact Capital provides the seed capital, which goes into a seed capital, venture capital, high probability investment fund. The fund uses all of the resources in the LPC Group to form a specialist team consisting of legal expertise; project management etc. Once the project development has been completed, LPC becomes an equity partner, or it may sell it's shares.