Lithon Project Consultants offers world-class multi-disciplinary consulting engineering

When Lithon founder and CEO Adriaan Grobler established the business in Oshakati, Namibia in 2002, it focused almost exclusively on project management and civil engineering. Today, LPC (Lithon Project Consultants) offers multi-disciplinary consulting engineering services within and beyond Namibia’s borders. Our highly qualified team leverages state-of-the-art technology and a wealth of expertise that includes project management, transportation and airports, civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, industrial, mining and agricultural engineering, to provide the full range of services across a variety of projects.

“Offering a multi-disciplinary engineering suit adds value for money to our clients, thus no need for our clients to shop around for different engineering disciplines. We are extremely proud to house some of the best technical personnel in each of our departments” says Lithon Project Consultants CEO, Gert Maritz

With Lithon as a partner, you can expect excellence as the standard throughout – from the initial consultation through to conceptualisation, research and development planning, project management and execution.

A brief look at our departments

Project Management

Our dedicated project management office facilitates expansive engineering projects from concept to completion, and ensures that every aspect is expertly managed – from project scope, budget, schedules and quality control to dispute resolution, mediation, and arbitration. Our project management team works closely with our teams of specialists in each of the below niches.

Recent projects: Hosea Kutako International Airport and New Health Care Risk water treatment facility WHK

Transportation and Airports

Specialising in road, airport and rail infrastructure, our team of experts oversees and executes every step of the process, from site investigations, feasibility studies and planning through to construction supervision and project management. Our services include geometric, pavement and hydrology design, pavement and bridge management systems, public transport planning, and more.

Recent projects: Eros Airport and Windhoek to Rehoboth Carriageway

Civil Engineering

Using state-of-the-art technology, our expert civil engineering team develops sustainable and practical solutions to create spaces where people, communities and industries can thrive. We offer the full range of township and municipal services as well as water resource planning. In everything we imagine, design and build, our motivation is to positively impact people’s lives, and it makes our work exceptionally meaningful.

Recent projects:  Thorn Valley and Sewer masterplan for town of Otjiwarongo 

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering offering includes electrical systems study and design across all voltage levels – high, medium and low – with our expertise extending to communication systems, security systems, process control and instrumentation. We’re particularly passionate about any kind of renewable energy system, managing everything from feasibility studies right through to implementation at scale. 

Recent projects:  Ewanifo and Onduludiya localities and Economic study on CSP Plants 

Mechanical Engineering

This puzzle-solving team’s idea of fun is engaging their minds in engineering, physics, mathematics, thermodynamics and material science principles to create meticulous solutions. With years of experience, our mechanical engineers provide optimised solutions across a wide range of areas from fire protection systems and heating to refrigeration, escalators and lifts, and more. The team also has valuable experience in securing compliance from local authorities for developing and existing properties. 

Recent projects: Riverport residential estate and Namcor Hosea Kutako. 

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering team has a proven track record of producing high quality, practical and intricately-designed steel and concrete structures, without the need for excessive, unnecessary or costly reinforcements. With a wide range of project skills, and Lithon’s love for problem solving, there’s nothing better for us than a complex structural engineering challenge to solve.

Recent projects: Oshakati Open Market and Concrete Reservoir Walvis Bay. 

Industrial Engineering

Our industrial engineering team leverage mathematical and scientific problem-solving skills to address complex problems from manufacturing and banking to construction and beyond. By partnering with our clients to build, develop and optimise their businesses, we’ve seen them implement more efficient and profitable business practices, optimise people, processes and systems and achieve safer, more effective work environments.

Recent projects: Agri Business Process re-engineering and Sage X3 ERP systems implementation and project management

Mining Engineering

Our mining engineering offering includes all local on-site infrastructure and bulk off-site infrastructure for water, roads, rails, electricity and mechanical services. With our team of experienced mining engineers and specialist sub-consultants, we offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective services – everything from feasibility studies through to production and rehabilitation.

Recent projects: Husab Mine Access Road and Temporary water supply pipeline

Agricultural Engineering

With a vision of protecting our earth’s future, our agricultural engineers work tirelessly to do their part, achieving nothing short of excellence. Combining multi-disciplinary engineering skills – mechanical, civil, electrical, structural and chemical – with an in-depth knowledge of agricultural principles, our team endeavours to create and cultivate environmentally sustainable agricultural developments.

Recent projects: Mashare and Ndonga. 


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