CONTRACT VALUE: N$ 23.7mill (Fees), Estimated Construction Value (N$270mil)
CLIENT: Namibia Airports Company
COUNTRY: Namibia
LOCATION: Windhoek


Eros Airport

The project entails the detailed investigation of the airfield pavements and the rehabilitation of the runways, taxiways as well as extension of the aprons. A holding action phase on the main runway was also conducted prior to the full rehabilitation. Lithon conducts full-time site supervision and contract administration for quality control and assurance purposes during the construction stage.

Lithon was responsible for the detailed investigation and rehabilitation designs of the runways and taxiways pavements. The geometric design of the current apron and extension of the apron was also conducted by Lithon. Lithon furthermore compiled the Contract Documentation and administered the procurement process. On-site design input and expert advice was also done by Lithon during the course of the construction phase.