CONTRACT VALUE: N$ 13,000,000
CLIENT: Halie Investments 541 CC
COUNTRY: Namibia
LOCATION: Okahandja, Otjozondjupa Region


Eureka Development

Description of project:

Planning, designing, construction and sale of a 29 unit General Residential Complex.

Services provided within the assignment:

  1. Facilitate the surveying and development of the sectional title
  2. Planning and design of municipal services.scheme.
  3. Supply to the Contractor during progress of the Works copies of Drawings and Specifications or instructions as shall be necessary for the proper and adequate execution and (where specified) defects correction of the Works.
  4. Interpret Engineer’s Drawings and Specifications when called upon to do so.
  5. Approve the commencement of construction of Permanent Work. Having inspected the Contractor’s facilities to satisfy himself that they are acceptable; Having satisfied himself that the design criteria including the arranging for or the carrying out of specialist test work if necessary.
  6. Instruct the Contractor to suspend work if he fails to comply with the requirements of the Contract.
  7. Liaise with the Engineer and other disciplines to ensure an integrated and coordinated effort.
  8. Ensure that the materials and workmanship comply with the Specifications.
  9. Ensure that quality control tests appropriate to the construction of the Works are carried out. Maintain records of such tests, interpret the results and take action as necessary.
  10. Maintain records of all aspects of the construction of the Works, including data necessary for interim and final measurement. This will include records of the issue of site instructions, site variation orders and weekly reports.
  11. Ensure that the Contractor provides detailed programmes as required in terms of the Contract. Monitor progress with respect to the programme. Make arrangements for the Contract to rectify deviations from programme.  
  12. Plan and control the duties of subordinate staff.
  13. Ensure that site construction progress meetings are held on a monthly basis and chair such meetings.
  14. Inspect the construction works with the Engineer and the Contractor and issue written lists to facilitate the issue of the Taking-Over Certificate and the Performance Certificate by the Engineer. 15. Facilitate the promotion, marketing and sale of housing units.