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Ebenhard Ripunda – Namibia Association of Wheelchair Users

Ebenhard presented at a breakfast in Aug 2019 – organisation 18 months old, going downhill, dead end frustration.

Connected with Elize Mayne, psychologist, regarding career advice for future studies, advised him to apply for internship at FRESH, faith-based organisation, will receive small salary next year while gaining mentored experience and enrolled in Theological School.

Connected with The Salvation Army with Rotary Club with the British Wheelchair Association to receive 20 wheelchairs as donation, to be repeated yearly with container of wheelchairs, working with, and not through Government.

Connected with retired engineer Willem and made 9 videos of gadgets to be used by disabled people at home like a kettle tipping device.  Will present workshop to unemployed wheelchair users to repair wheelchairs.

Connected with MVA to readdress program of returning people disabled through motor vehicle accidents back to work through trauma treatment and focussed rehabilitation.