Why choose a Consulting Engineering firm for your development project

Consulting engineering has gained momentum over the last few decades with the increase in complex, large-scale engineering developments. As a result, firms like Lithon, who are able to manage and execute all aspects of multi-disciplinary projects, have become an increasingly popular choice. If you’re looking to team with a consulting engineering company, here’s what you can expect – and why it’s a sound move.

What is consulting engineering?

“Consulting engineering brings together independent experts in the fields of engineering, science, and other interconnected services that link institutions and industries in the public and private sectors, with the intention of improving, maintaining or developing infrastructure and the economy,” explains Lithon Operational Director Gert Maritz.

Why choose a consulting engineering company?

The Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland suggests that, “Engagement of a consulting engineer is most advantageous when a project has a specific goal, or when expertise is needed to examine or solve a problem. In the building sector, the role of a consulting engineer is indispensable when development or performance is in question.”

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider a consulting engineering approach for your next project.

  1. Consulting Engineering Provides a 360-degree solution

Working with a consulting engineering company means that the entire project is handled by the same team of experts from concept to completion, with specialists being brought in as and when they are needed. 

Lithon’s extensive offering covers everything from consultation, conceptualisation, research and development planning to seamless project management and efficient execution. Our highly qualified project management team provides the following services, seamlessly facilitating even the most expansive engineering projects. 

  • Overall execution, management and delivery of a project
  • Management of project scope, budget, schedules and quality control
  • Establishing and facilitating project level governance;
  • Providing leadership to the project team;
  • Project documentation and record keeping;
  • Planning, allocating and managing project activities;
  • Tracking and reporting project progress;
  • Dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration
  • Development of feasibility studies
  1. Consulting Engineering offers a wide range of experience

Employing a consulting engineering firm means that you’re not only hiring the services of a company with a diverse skill set – in the case of Lithon, this includes agricultural, civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, transport, mining and industrial engineering as well as project management and development – you’re also gaining the advantage of valuable technical insights, experience and perspective gained across a broad spectrum of projects.

  1. One team. One vision with Consulting Engineers

Being able to oversee a project from beginning to end, enables the management team to appoint external specialists who share the same business values and commitment to excellence and ensures that everyone is working towards achieving the best possible outcome. At Lithon, our purpose is to make a significant and positive impact in the lives of others and we look for the same commitment from everyone we work alongside.

Lithon has recently worked on these large-scale, multi-disciplinary projects.

Windhoek–Rehoboth Carriageway

Lithon Holdings | Consulting Engineering | RHB Freeway
Lithon Consulting Engineers was tasked with designing a new 92-kilometre dual carriage freeway between Windhoek and Rehoboth.

Value: N$ 7.5 billion (estimated construction value)
Client: Roads Authority
Country: Namibia

Lithon Consulting Engineers was tasked with designing a new 92-kilometre dual carriage freeway between Windhoek and Rehoboth – a complex project requiring a diverse and specialised skill set to study and design the infrastructure required. Over the course of the project, Lithon was responsible for bringing together a team of experts responsible for overseeing and executing the following:

  • Feasibility study
  • Client liaison
  • Material and road centreline investigations
  • Pavement design
  • Contract administration and reporting
  • Construction supervision
  • Bridge designs
  • Gemetric designs

Hosea Kutako International Airport Upgrade

Lithon Consulting Engineering upgrading Hosea Kutako International Airport
Lithon Consulting Engineering upgrading Hosea Kutako International Airport

Client: Namibia Airports Company
Country: Namibia
Contract Value: N$240 million

Lithon is currently managing the upgrade of the Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek, a project that will, in addition to alleviating the traffic congestion, ensure that the airport complies with all Standards and Recommended Practices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (airports.com.na) and that it achieves an Optimum Level of Service rating in line with the International Air Transport Association standards. Since the start of the project, the Lithon team has fulfilled the following services:

  • Ensuring overall execution, management and delivery of the project (scope, budget, quality and schedule)
  • Establishing and facilitating project level governance
  • Providing leadership to the project team
  • Project documentation and record keeping
  • Planning, allocating and managing project activities
  • Managing project schedule and costs
  • Tracking and reporting project progress
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Managing and resolving issues and risks
  • Coordinating cross-functional technical teams
  • Ensuring completion of the technical deliverables within the time constraints
  • Monitoring and reporting project health and status

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