What does an electrical engineer do?

It’s almost impossible to give a short answer to this question, but if we had to try, we’d say that electrical engineers are the brains behind anything to do with electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. So that’s how it comes to be that power stations, the internet, navigation systems, and telecommunication networks – seemingly very different things – all fall under the electrical engineering banner.

At heart, electrical engineers are problem solvers and innovators who use maths and science to make our lives better and easier. Think about that new 55” TV you’ve just bought, the GPS you rely on to guide you, or the range of devices you use to chat with your loved ones. You have electrical engineers to thank for these (and many other) modern conveniences.

A closer look at these bright sparks

Some of the most famous electrical engineers in history include Alexander Graham Bell – credited with inventing the telephone, and Charles Babbage, who invented the first computer. As an electrical engineer today, you could find yourself designing the wiring and lighting system for an urban development, maintaining a power grid, or working on an electric car.

Let’s look at some of the sub-fields that fall under this diverse area of engineering:

  • Power: all things related to electricity generation and supply – think electrical systems, power stations, and transmission lines.
  • Electronic: all things related to electronic circuit designs – used in almost every electronic device you can think of, from TV remotes to supercomputers.
  • Telecommunications: the wonderful world of transmission of information across channels like cables, optical fibre to radio communication – so, thanks for my home internet, telecommunications engineer!
  • Instrumentation: the fine web of detail that allows us to measure things like wind speed, altitude, temperature, and air pressure. Just think of the instrument panel in a cockpit!
  • Computer: all about computers and computer systems. It includes design systems for anything from smartphones and gaming consoles to medical devices and much, much more.

What electrical engineering services does Lithon offer?

Lithon’s dynamic team of electrical engineers love to innovate, design systems and solve clients’ problems. We specialise inpower systems, energy studies, communication systems, security systems, housing development electrics and instrumentation. And we have a personal passion for green energy systems.

If you’re looking to power up your next project, get in touch with us today on info@lithon.com.