Strategic Executive Changes at Lithon

For nearly 20 years, Lithon has been led by a dynamic team committed to making a positive and significant impact in people’s lives. In 2016 we developed a strategic plan for our next 30 years, and, as a result, we’re delighted to share some exciting changes to our executive team. Our vision is to grow Lithon into a global group of companies focused on engineering, development, and impact investment – and we’re confident we have the right people in place to lead us into this next chapter of growth and innovation.

Adriaan Grobler, CEO: Lithon Holdings 

Lithon founder Adriaan Grobler has headed up the business for the past two decades with the vision of building a better world. He’ll continue to lead the group as CEO of Lithon Holdings, where he’ll drive the business’s diversification and expansion strategy. Lithon Holdings includes the subsidiaries Lithon Project Consultants, Lithon Developers, Lithon Impact Capital and the Lithon Foundation.  

Gert Maritz, CEO: Lithon Project Consultants (LPC)

An invaluable member of the Lithon team for over 15 years, Gert Maritz moves from his current role as COO into the role of CEO of Lithon Project Consultants. Gert is passionate about the company’s purpose and values and has played a significant part in building it into the multidisciplinary group it is today. His in-depth understanding of the business combined with his technical expertise and people-focused leadership style makes him the perfect person for the role – and with the support of the executive team, we have no doubt that he’ll take the company to new heights. 

Scott Richards, COO: Lithon Project Consultants 

Scott Richards takes on the role of COO for Lithon Project Consultants while continuing in his current position as Head of Project Management. Scott has brought a wealth of project management expertise and people skills to the business – qualities that make him ideally suited to the role of COO. As he is supported by an excellent team in the Project Management Office, Scott will now focus on increasing efficiency and maintaining high staff morale throughout the business. We believe that investing in these key areas will allow us to serve our clients even better. Scott is also equipping several staff members with project management skills, creating a pathway for his future successor as Head of Project Management. 

Although we’re entering a new season of expansion and diversification, our people focus and passion for building a better world remains unchanged. As we have done for the past two decades, we’ll continue to develop innovative solutions for our clients and create meaningful change in our communities.

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