7 things to know about engineers

Ever wondered what engineers are really like? Let’s take a lighthearted look at these complex problem solvers with some insight from someone who’s been married to a civil engineer for almost 15 years.

  1. They can be masters of DIY. This will depend on their field of engineering, but it’s likely that home DIY projects will be plentiful. They might start with a detailed drawing – to scale – and end in a meticulously crafted marvel. You could see this coming to fruition as a floor-to-ceiling bookcase or a thoroughly thought-out cat scratching pole project. 
  1. They love to-do lists. This is no surprise, given that engineers are fascinated by the small details. Don’t be surprised to find them squinting over comprehensive to-do lists for everything from the weekly grocery shop to a weekend camping trip.
  1. They’re incredibly focused. Engineers can get lost in a task for hours, and it’s not uncommon to have to remind them to eat. Whether on job sites or hunched over their laptops, when an engineer has ‘that’ thinking face on, don’t be offended if they didn’t hear the story you just told them.
  1. They can make house-hunting tricky. If you’re looking for a new place to nest with a civil or structural engineer, probably best to leave them at home until you’ve narrowed it down to three options.  They’re likely to find multiple faults with your dream home, but you can rest assured that the home they eventually approve of will be solid as a rock.
  1. They don’t beat around the bush. Engineers are direct and you’ll always know where you stand with them. If you’re close to an engineer, you’ll discover that they see solutions quickly and like to get straight to the heart of things. This might make it interesting to have deeply emotional, and whimsical discussions, but you’ll always be encouraged and expected to communicate openly. 
  1. They shoulder great responsibility. Engineers tend to work on huge projects, manage massive budgets, and often hold people’s lives in their hands – especially when it comes to roads, bridges, buildings, and dams. Lucky for us, they’re masters of probability and run through all of the scenarios (professional or social) even before they happen. So our lives are in good hands. 
  1. They’re tenacious. Finally, engineers are determined and persistent. They never give up until they find the solution they’re looking for or have fixed the problem they’re working on. It can be frustrating if you’d planned to go for a morning stroll or are late for a reservation at a time when they’re “so close to solving it”, but you’ll also know that they’re most certainly not quitters.

As a bunch of engineers, it’s always interesting to see how we’re seen. And we couldn’t be prouder of our quirks!  

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