4 ways Lithon internships help young engineers reach their potential

At Lithon, we believe that successful engineers are not born, they are made! It’s our passion to nurture young graduates and students into the best versions of themselves, while becoming great engineers in the process. 


We sat down with Lithonian, Fabianus, to unpack exactly what an internship at Lithon might offer a young engineer.


1. Lithon internships provide access to employment opportunities for young engineers

In today’s economy, employment opportunities are fewer, and competition is greater. Not everyone has access to the same opportunities and this makes it challenging for young engineers to gain the practical exposure and experience they need to grow in their careers. At Lithon, our interns are part of the team. We nurture them in their specific field, and help to develop their skills. Eva, for example, started at Lithon as a graduate engineer and she now works independently at a senior level.

2. Lithon nurtures the whole person and not just the engineer

At Lithon we don’t only focus on the engineer but the human being that comes with it. Growing as an engineer with technical skill and growing as a person with a strong character are two sides that we equally balance. We look out for interns who share our values, and have a good work ethic, discipline, trustworthiness and honesty, punctuality, and eagerness to learn. Lithon’s interns can expect to be challenged but also nurtured at the same time.


3. Lithon internships create an enabling environment

At Lithon we believe in developing young engineers in their chosen fields so that they can take up new responsibilities as they grow. We’re always excited to see a young student engineer go from requiring almost full time supervision, to becoming a skilled engineer that can work independently. Ephraim is a great example of an intern that started out as a student, and has grown so quickly that today he works at a level not typical of an engineer with his experience.


4. Lithon interns receive a broad range of experience

To become a successful engineer, being good at the technical stuff is important, but not enough. You need to learn to communicate well with clients, team members and contractors, and understand finances, health and safety, and the environmental aspects that affect your work. In order to become the engineer you aspire to be, it’s important to learn from experienced engineers who nurture and teach you as you go. This is the kind of mentorship Lithon provides across an array of exciting projects. 


Fabianus’ advice to young people considering studying engineering:

Engineering is very rewarding because what we work on today as engineers, will be used by our children, our grandchildren and their children. My advice is to take the time to learn and appreciate what engineers create before choosing it as your career, because as much as it is rewarding, it’s a challenging profession that comes with great responsibility. 


Young engineers interested in applying for an internship at Lithon, can email us for more information at info@lithon.com.