agriDeveloping countries such as Namibia offer vast opportunities in the fields of irrigation, animal husbandry, water resource development, aquaculture, agronomic activities, agricultural structures as well as project development and management. Challenges in the land reform program also create opportunities for our engineers to assist with water infrastructure development, renovation and small scale agronomic production. Against the background of global warming, food shortages and declining natural resources, the challenges and opportunities are huge.

Acting on the understanding, therefore, that the environment must be able to support us in the long term - provided that we use it responsibly, Lithon Project Consultants (Pty) Ltd aims at maximizing the effective interaction between man-made elements and the earth's living, life-sustaining resources: soil, water, plants, animals. Namibia has, through the years, maintained a strong agricultural sector and it is Lithon’s aim to provide a comprehensive, quality service that will create and nurture environmentally sustainable agricultural developments in Namibia.

When working on any project Lithon Project Consultants (Pty) Ltd endeavours to manage the life-giving resources in such a way so as to ultimately protect and preserve them. By applying the best suited multi-disciplinary engineering skills when designing equipment, processes and buildings, more productive use of the resources can be maintained, while at the same time as ensuring their long term sustainability.

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Lithon Project Consultants is a well- established and dynamic engineering firm that provides project management, multi-disciplinary consulting engineering and mining services to our clients. We have a highly skilled and well qualified professional team of more than 65 people that serve our clients from... Read More.

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