Adriaan Grobler - Founder

Adriaan Grobler - Founder

“One of the best definitions of a vision that I have ever heard is that of John Maxwell, namely that “a vision is a clear picture of a better tomorrow, inspired by God, which one believes not only can be done, but should be done".

Lithon is a company with a clear vision - or let me rather use the word calling - that was and are continuously being inspired by God. Simply put it is to make a difference in the world through our God-given skills as engineers. 

Our calling was received through the story of Nehemiah that we read about in the Bible. Nehemiah, after hearing about the Jewish remnant that had survived the exile and who was in great trouble and disgrace, was the called to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Just as Nehemiah, we believe that we are called to help build nations and glorify God through our work. We believe that we have been blessed with the ability not to only physically change the world we live in, but to help restore people and communities to become what God intended them to be.

We have been driven by this vision since we founded Lithon in October 2002. Over the years the Lord has blessed us by adding more and more like-minded people to the Lithon family and especially on shareholder and senior management level. We have become a well-established, dynamic and fast-growing company that laid our foundation in Namibia. We have a dedicated team of more than 60 people in our offices in Namibia and South Africa without whom we could never do what we do.

We provide specialised project management, multi-disciplinary consulting engineering and mining services to our clients. Our long term strategy and dream is to have a global presence by partnering with like-minded and like-hearted individual believers and/or companies who share our vision.

The Bible refers to the Lord Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone. Given that the company is founded on Him, we named it Lithon, which is the Greek word for cornerstone. Based on our calling to be “prophets, priests and kings” here on earth, as symbolised in our company logo, we remain committed to utilising our skills for the good of every person in every nation and through this glorify God.

We are on a journey that I still can only dream of where this will take us and only imagine what God can do through us should we be obedient to His calling. If you like to join this journey or require any of the services that we can offer, I want to invite you to contact or visit us so that we can share some thoughts.


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Lithon Project Consultants is a well- established and dynamic engineering firm that provides project management, multi-disciplinary consulting engineering and mining services to our clients. We have a highly skilled and well qualified professional team of more than 65 people that serve our clients from... Read More.

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